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An Old Drawing

Welch Cemetery

West Cemetery


Cemetery CDs

Member Elton Lash has photographed all 2000 images depicting each headstone in place as of
September 6, 2005 in all three Big Rock Illinois cemeteries.
CDs are available at the museum or may be ordered .



Big Rock Welsh Cemetery is Catherine Davis 1788.
Fowler Grove Cemetery is Pauline R. Bushnell and William Mead both in 1782.
West Big Rock Cemetery is Dr. Silas Long in 1780.



Big Rock Welsh Cemetery is Stella J. Michael and Andrew Johnson both 98 years old.
Fowler Grove Cemetery is Charlotte C.M. Ryburn 101 years old.
West Big Rock Cemetery is Nora V. Close 104 years old.



  Big Rock was once known as Acasto. . .

The name was changed from Acasto to Big Rock in 1849.  Big Rock was named from the Big Rock Creek.  William Coon was the first blacksmith.  Walby opened the first store.

The first settler was “Shanty” Cook in 1835.  His home became the “hotel”, there being no other shelter.
Also settling in 1835 were W.H. Perry and William Perry
In the fall of 1835 Justice Ament Arrived.  Justice Ament (1808-1885) a farmer is buried in the Big Rock Welsh Cemetery.

In January of 1836 J.W. Swan arrived from Vermont.  J.W. Swan (1800-1882) a farmer is buried in the West Big Rock Cemetery. 
Also arriving in 1836 was Alexis Hall from Greenfield, Massachusetts.  Alexis Hall (1801-1883) a farmer is buried in the West Big Rock Cemetery.
Also settling in 1836 were John Pierce, Edward Whiddon, and Robert Fisher.
Also in 1836 Joseph Summers and Robert Nash arrived from Oneida County, New York.
George Peck and Paul Colburn settled in 1836 or 1837.

In 1837 J.L.Lamson came by stage from Chicago with a ticket to Big Rock creek.  He was dropped off about dark, with not a house of civilized being within site.  He finally located the COOK cabin, but found the entire floor filled with “guests” who had stopped over for the night.  In those days, every cabin was a hotel.
Settling in 1837 were L.D. Brady and Jesse Brady.
Arriving in 1837 was Maurice Price from New York.  Maurice Price (1821-1904) is buried in the West Big Rock Cemetery.
Also arriving in 1837 was Isaac Hatch.  Isaac Hatch (1815-1895) a farmer is buried in the Flower Grove Cemetery. 
Also arriving in 1937 was James Hatch.  James Hatch (1831-1865) is buried in the Fowler Grove Cemetery.
Coon and Massey built the first saw mill on Big Rock creek, just below
Rockville, then Catsville.

Arriving in 1838 was Thomas W. Glaspool.

In 1839 Joseph Summers opened the first tavern, and his house was made a Post Office, then named ACASTO.
Orson Brooks was the first postmaster.

Arriving in 1839 were S. Samson from New York and Shepard Johnson from New York.
Also arriving in 1839 were Robert Norton and Silas Long, both from Ohio.

Arriving in 1839 or 1840 were Daniel and David Evans.  Daniel Evans (1827-1891) and David Evans (1815-1871) are buried in the Big Rock Welsh Cemetery.
Also believed in arriving in 1839 or 1840 was Thomas Jones.  Thomas Jones (1814-1884) a farmer is buried in the Big Rock Welsh Cemetery.

In 1841 Colin Ament taught school in a log cabin.  The School Trustees were Alex Hall, Joseph Summers, J.E. Smith, S.W. Lamson, and J.W.Swan.

Arriving in 1842 was Richard Davis.  Richard Davis (1817-1907) is buried in the West Big Rock Cemetery.
In 1842 Rev. George Lewis preached to the Congregationalists.

In 1846 William Dugan settled.

In 1847 James A. Davis came in.  Also in 1847 Z. Squires arrived from Cortland, New York.  The School House on E. Whiddon’s property opened.

In 1854 the Welsh Congregational Church as dedicated with Rev. John Daniel as pastor.

In 1858 the Big Rock Congregational church was erected.

In 1871 the Chicago and Iowa Railroad ran through the township.

In 1874 the Baptist church was built.