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2021 Society Meetings
Previous Programs

* Indicates Tentative Program. ** Indicates meeting at Big Rock Park District Office at 7s405 Madison Ave . *** Indicates meeting is at the Barn, 47w066 Jericho Road

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July 8th *

August 12th ***

October 14th**- Mamie Eisenhower will visit us at our Annual joint meeting with the Big Rock Park District at 7pm, "The Hostess in Chief" on the campaign trail, portrayal by Ellie Carlson

November 11th - Jon Habegger will update us on the Railroads through Big Rock.                                            Final meeting of the year, and Election Results

Meetings are held in the Crib Museum Annex at 7:00 PM

Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

No meeting in January, February, June, September or December.

Historical Society Board of Director Meetings

during the 4th week of the month: The Board meets during the 4th week of each month.


Over the years we have had programs on:

     Indian history in the Big Rock area
     Never Lost; Amelia Earhart
     Character Visit of Abraham Lincoln
     Character Visit of Violet Jessop, Titanic Survivor
     Old time radio
     Underground Railroads in DeKalb County
     Good Times at Kenny Field
     Lincoln Highway
     Heirloom Pumpkins
     Old time funerals and the funeral and reburial of a Civil War Soldier from Kane to Kendall County
     History of Aprons
     Railroad History of Big Rock
     History of the Big Rock Fire Department
     Long's Barn
     Local Connections to the Underground Railroad
     History of Kane County Medical History and Big Rock's Physicians
     Those Magnificient "Whizbang" Traveling Salesmen of Illinois
     Old Time Fun & Games in Big Rock
     Tours of Welsh Cemetery, West Big Rock Cemetery & Fowler Cemetery
     Retracing the Oregon Trail
     Heirloom Seeds
     Night at the Museum
     History & Recollections of Big Rock Schools
     History of the Big Rock Plowing Match
     Panel Discussion; The Plowing Match is more than Plowing
     Saving a Samson
     US Flag Retirement Ceremony by Big Rock Boy Scouts Troop #19
     Veteran's Programs including Vet's Roll and Honor Flight
     Antique Glassware
     100th Anniversary of the Girl Scouts
     Recording and saving your genealogy reords
     Valuing our Heritage in Today;s yard and garden
     Kaneville Historical Society home study and record keeping
     Kaneville Library on its History
     Everything we need to know about Radon, Wayne Westman - Kane County
     Trains and Big Rock History
     Abraham Lincoln
     Happy 200th Birthday Illinois
     Knitting and processing of Illinois wool                                Bee Keeping                                                                          Toxins in the Home                               




Community Planned Events


June 2, 2019 Celebrate Big Rock CAR SHOW at Plowman's Park

September 13, 14, & 15, 2019: 125th Big Rock Plowing Match